Top 5 Best Free Software 2017

After hardware, software is the main component of the computer system. There are tons of software that are available in the market. Software may be system software or application software, but both are necessary for your computer. Software industry is now highly dominated and a million dollar business. It’s a difficult task to mention the top 5 software in the industry, but looking to the reviews, sales and installs we’ve selected top five software of 2017.

  • Free antivirus:Bit Defender Antivirus Free Edition.

It is incredibly simple and easy to use, and the detection rates are excellent. Just to set them and then it will work automatically. It is the best free antivirus software that we update each time our guide. BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition all the time which makes your PC protecting from virus and other things just like malware as high as possible. The user can make it to eliminate and detect the latest threats as earlier as they appear on your personal computer in the minimum time as possible.

  • Free office software: WPS Office Free

It is superb free suite and user will not pay for Microsoft Office. This software has the power tools for making presentations and it also having the power full tools for spreadsheets, and the extra features for word processing. Containing the power tools and the great looking free office suite is the WPS Office Free. It has full pack of the attractive templates and the best file formats which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. With this software the user will be running immediately because of its components works like the latest versions of Excel, PowerPoint and word. Visit getintopc for latest tech news, free apps and software.

  • Web browser: Google Chrome

Chrome is the one of the fastest browser which is flexible, easy and almost simple in use. Google chrome has more flexibility, stability and cross platform than the other browsers of personal computers. Its Google account makes it simple and incredibly easy so then with that you can carry out your bookmarks and favorites between any devices and it is with the integration of Google accounts. And a huge queue of extensions is supports by it.

  • Free VPN: TunnelBear

TunnelBear is the browser for free VPN. It is very friendly and high fast, simple and a great selection of servers that you will trust. It is very necessary to protect your identity online, and this bowser will protect your identity online in very simple and easy methods to protect the user from the blocked contents. If the user wants to re-route the all online activity so flick the switch, and choose the international proxy so all of the online data will be routed.

  • Free music player: MusicBee

MusicBee is the music player and the best organizer and also a streamer and it is the ideal player with optimization and smart tagging. It can manage everything that you need and of any size.  It allows the use for the best quality and possible playback and high hardware optimization and smart tagging to improve the quality and playback. It also allows you to have the facility of radio streaming stations and enjoying what the user wants. It is the extra features of this browser to manage hardware optimization and the smart tagging.

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