What Are The Best Studio Monitor Headphones?

Today standards for studio monitor headphones are different, everyone prefers the Beats by Dre as is the name to the brand that makes it stand out, but are they really worth their money’s worth? Studio wise not really as they aren’t made for studio uses and pale comparison next to other headphones.

Moving on from Dre, it is important to know that there are two different types of studio headphones for two separate purposes.

Closed Back Headphones- these are made specifically for recording the tracks

Open Back Headphones- these are for mixing

Now which pairs would be a good recommendation when it comes to selecting studio monitor headphones, well i’ll keep it simple and mention one pair for each.

Closed Back Headphone

In my opinion the Shure SRH1540 are really good and could be the closest that you can get to reference quality sound. With the perfect design that makes them look sleek and professional (in which they are both of those), you would think it doesn’t get better than that, well you may be mistaken as they are made for comfort the way they fall on your head and placed on-top of the ears.

They are highly recommended by audiophiles, in which they would most definitely have them on their “best headphones list”

Open Back Headphone

As for the open back headphones there is the Shure SRH1840. These as well are a go to headphones for audiophiles and can be considered a safe choice for those just getting into mixing.

Both of these headphones are known for their design quality, being very comfortable and durable, they can last for many years without any major damage on them. But the most important of all their sound quality is beyond expectations and are worth the price they are, it would be a mistake to miss out on such amazing pairs.

Clifton Rodriguez

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