Fundamentals of roi adwords analytics

roi adwords analyticsThe fundamental parameters of roi adwords analytics include data based model, linear model, position model which are aimed at clicks, views,  actions, conversions and other types of campaigns. You may need the data for at least 3 to 4 months in order to make effective interpretation from the analytics. Only then you will be able to measure the campaign type effectiveness. Once you are able to get the chart of the conversions you will be able to point out the spots where your business has done well and done poorly. You can extract the data related to both the spots and subject it to further marketing analysis from your company experts. This will help you in taking decision on improvising your strengths and reducing your weak spots.

Goal funnel for roi adwords analytics

  • The path which is supposed to be followed by the visitor after clicking the adwords is the goal funnel path. In your roi adwords analytics you can include this report as an important part. For example you may map the path to click, home page entry, product preview, navigation to buy-now page, product selection, mode of payment selection, payment completion and order placement.
  • At some point the potential visitors may go out of the path or leave the website. The roi adwords analytics can determine at which page the visitors have gone out. Based on it you will be able to analyze the probable reasons. You will also be able to change the funnel path to retain maximum number of visitors once they enter your website.

Location based roi adwords analytics

roi adwords analytics
Location based roi adwords analytics give you a clear idea about the regions in which your products are doing well and those in which the performance is lagging. This will help you in strengthening the marketing strategies in a better manner.

  • By using the Google alerts you will be able to track the entry of new products or services from your competitors which belong to your product and service category. The data can give you all the data about the competitor which you may use for further market and strategy analysis.
  • You can measure the effectiveness of your adwords campaign across different types by running the roi adwords analytics. For example the pay per conversion may be giving you more ROI compared to pay per click or view in a specific region. In another geographic location the pay per view may be working to get better ROI. This sort of information you get from the system may initially confuse you, since you may not know why it is happening. Once you start using the roi adwords analytics you can gradually get an idea about the probable reasons behind such trends.
  • You will be able to choose the right kind of adwords campaign for specific region based on the success rate of existing plan. You may choose to replace the non-functional campaigns with more productive ones based on the results. The ability to take proactive actions for such changes can be inspired by roi adwords analytics.

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