The psychologist affair

What pops into your mind when you hear the word psychologist? Like, are physiologist known as the doctors for the mad? Or they just have a clinic for the disturbed? Most of us do not think about the last question. All they do is judge this word without knowing its true meaning. A psychologist is not considered as a doctor for the mental. It is a doctor for the disturbed, the confused. Many people fail to understand this and do not visit the doctor even when they need one just for the sake that what will people say? Well, there are some people who do not care about people and when they understand their own need then they try to reach out the professional.   There are many examples that people look out for doctors like people end up finding the best psychologist in Dubai if they live there and wish to see the best.

There can be many reasons behind the need for a psychologist. One may not even know that they need a psychologist. Like many people, we try to avoid the fact that we need a counselor. The word itself seems so scary so what will the experience be? These questions definitely pop up in our minds and we drop the idea of visiting one even when we need it.

But why do we need a psychologist?

There might be no major symptoms at all before someone points it out. Like when you feel mentally disturbed, anxious about things and these curiosities then bursts into a mental breakdown. It is not necessary for the person who gets angry is the one who needs a psychologist, most of the times a person who is silent about his/ her emotions is the one who needs a psychologist badly.

Do we really visit a psychologist?

Like I said the thought of visiting a psychologist seems scary and most of the time we do not go. There are other thoughts as well which make us take this decision. Firstly we ask ourselves am I mad? Then we think what will people say? And the best, what if people find out? Here we really need to ask just one question to ourselves, how I should solve this mental breakdown instead of thinking about things that do not matter.

Is not visiting a psychologist okay?

When you think about others and not you then you are harming yourself. You are just scared of people judging you when you cannot judge yourself. How easy it is to escape from the reality that you might need a psychologist. Avoiding this affects you mentally you are frustrated and irritated with your mental peace and not solving your problem only makes it worst. It really affects you more and causes more damage.

With these points mentioned above, you have a clear overview of things and what will happen if you suppress them? Try to reach out for the problems instead of running away, the fact you miss to see is, it’s like a gum stuck on your hand, where you go the gum also goes. Even in places like Dubai, there are many doctors that provide counseling services. You can just search for a clinical psychologist in Dubai to get in touch with one.

Clifton Rodriguez

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