Top Qualities of Waterproof Borescopes

The top quality waterproof Borescopes have the capacity to go into a depth of more than 150 feet for detecting the defects in pipes and plumbing structures. You may opt for remote controlled or cabled device for flexibility in working. Pipe cleaning procedure requires complete inspection for any cracks and breaks. The multipurpose device works with its powerful LED and high resolution camera for transmitting crystal clear images to your PC or mobile device. You will be able to control the movement of the device under high pressure areas with highest accuracy. Some of the best Borescopes use CCD chips at the tip for enhancing the brightness and crispiness of the image.

BorescopesBorescopes with Enhanced Field of View

The diameter of the lens is one of the deciding factors for enhancing the field of view. The domed structure makes it possible to distribute the light evenly. The objective lens in the Borescopes can have field of view up tp 90-degrees. The lenses are usually coated with NANO or other light absorbing materials. They ensure clarity of images without aberration.

  • Chromatic Evenness: – When the Borescopes lenses have enhanced field of view, the probability of chromatic aberration becomes high. The devices with multiple objective lenses and integrated camera have the capacity for eliminating the aberration by more than 99.8%. They can produce chromatic evenness and show the natural colors of the objects in focus.
  • Rotating Handle: – The rotating handle of the Borescopes can be flexible enough to cover objects located at 90-degree angles. The net field of view covered by the lens and the camera will be 1980-degrees. This sort of capacity is required for getting a real time data feed from sensitive pipelines subject to harsh climatic conditions.

Borescopes with Digital Display

 The digital display unit in the Borescopes can have large size LCD monitor (8” or more). The day-light readable unit can be moved according to your continence.  One of the biggest benefits you can have from the display unit is the high resolution. Some of the touch-screen units can give options for enlarging the specific part of the display with zoom.

  • Control Menu: – The touch-screen display unit can also have the facility for operating the control panel of Borescopes. You can activate the menu and control buttons through specific software application. This will give you complete control over the Borescopes movement, acceleration, direction and other actions in real time.
  • Data Input: – Some of the Borescopes have options for text data input for the user. You will be able to create statistical data sheets from the images based on your observation. This facility is highly useful for taking decisions on corrective and preventive maintenance procedures. Most of the companies engaged in the construction of canals and laying of pipelines need this facility.


Borescopes with Remote Control

 The Borescopes controlled by cable can go u to 100 meters while the remote controlled devices can travel further. You will be able to monitor and control all the actions accurately.