Community college VS University: Understanding the differences

Community college VS University: Understanding the differences

When we talk about the difference between community college and university; it is generally perceived that the quality of education in community colleges is lower as compared to university. However, it is important to remember you need to review and compare the highlight features of both educational institutions before you reach a final verdict.

Highlight differences

Before we jump into a comprehensive review of the differences, we should review the highlight differences that are prominent amongst the both.

  • The education quality is considerably better in community colleges as compared to universities in contrast to popular belief. The number of students is limited at community colleges and hence, it is easier for teachers to pay attention to each individual more easily.
  • Classes are more flexible at community colleges in comparison to universities. As a regular student of university, you will have to follow a specific schedule and will also have to take care of attendance. However, at community colleges the classes are more flexible and can be set to suit your personal time preferences. It is the best option for people who are working and want to pursue education along with a career.
  • The cost of education at community colleges is much lower in comparison to universities. The university charges a lot more because of the name and reputation rather than the quality of education that they offer.

Advantages of Community college over university

There are several advantages of getting education at community college in comparison to university.

  1. Easy credit transfers

The biggest advantage of enrolling yourself in a community college is that you can complete half of your degree at a very reasonable fee and then transfer your semester credits to a reputed university. This way you will only have to pay for the end semesters at university and will attain a degree from a renowned institution.

  1. Class size

The class size at community colleges is smaller which makes it easier for the professors and teachers to initiate one-to-one interaction with the students. This is helpful to build a stable and long-lasting teacher-student relationship and also encourages a healthy learning atmosphere for the students. This cannot be done at university level where each class has over hundred students in attendance.

  1. Cost of Tuitions

The one thing that is the highlight benefit of studying at community colleges is the academic fee. You have to pay a lot less in comparison to universities and get education of good quality. The reason is that community colleges are mostly run by the state and thus do not charge a lot of money for the convenience of the citizens.

Final words

After a comprehensive review of all the highlight features of both educational institutions, we find it easier to say that the quality and level of education at community college is greater as compared to universities. The advantages of undertaking education at a community college are numerous in comparison to getting enrolled for a 4-year degree at university.

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